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Fr. Basil Zebrun  Basil Zebrun - Rector of St. Barbara Orthodox Church in Fort Worth, TX. His page in a major Russian index is here: Протоиерей Василий Зебрун.

Cameron Zebrun  Cameron Zebrun - Professional artist working in the Twin Cities area. See his artist's statement at this site: Zebrun - artist statement. Visit his LinkedIn listing.

  Gary Zebrun - Novelist living in Providence, RI.

George Zebrun  George Zebrun - Recently deceased Illinois fish and wildlife authority; expert angler. More of his resources available here. (A photo of older George Zebrun with historical anecdote; another photo).

Jay Zebrun  Jay Zebrun - Manager of web sites assisting online marketers.

John Zebrun  John Zebrun, MD - Psychiatrist and health news blogger. His LinkedIn directory listing can be found here: Dr. Zebrun. (*) Psychiatrist in Northampton, Massachusetts. Review.

K Zebrun  K Zebrun - Karol Zebrun. Astronomer and astrophysics researcher. One of her earlier papers available at this Harvard.edu site - Zebrun searches the stars.

Nicholas Zebrun  Nicholas Zebrun - Film Producer in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. Former candidate for Mayor of Fort Worth.

Nina Shevzov-Zebrun  Nina Shevzov-Zebrun - Co-author of review article on functional MRI for mapping of motor and sensory cortices (Neurosurgery Clinics of North America, April 2011).